My Heart Aches For Them

I was a Foster Child & I was a Foster Mom & I want to share my story.

One of my greatest burdens are the children who have suffered through the traumatic experience of being removed from their parents & placed in foster care because of abuse, neglect & abandonment.  I was a foster child & Now I am a foster mom & I want to share my story, is a project that I am working on and have the desire to complete in order to share with foster care children and foster homes and shelters.  

My plan is to advocate for them through speaking events and develop and plan projects to write interactive books, devotionals and life skills training to inspire them and encourage them to move forward with confidence.  We appreciate all the support you can give through prayer, donations and or testimonials.  

If you have  had a traumatic past and have endured, we want to hear your life changing story!  Feel free to send us your information and we will contact you with more details.  

Thank you For Your Loving Support