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I am so excited to begin this journey God has placed in my heart.  You see it has for several years that this vision has been dwelling in my spirit, the thing is many times I questioned it.  You see when you don't feel confident in yourself you put things on hold and sometimes these things that God has put in your heart are forgotten.  I do realize that it also takes a lot of confidence and motivation and will power to begin a project ie ministry and it may seem to over whelming.  Yes, that's were I was at, I was not prepared mentally or spiritually and I kept it in my to do list.  You see as I began to refocus my self I started to ask God a lot of questions, "why I'm I here God, I don't feel that I am making a difference?"  Well you know how God responds right, he suddenly began to stir a new vision.  I then said,  "God use me." 

In 2015 God showed me through a dream that he will be sending me somewhere else, and through prayer I asked God to reveal it to me.  Well he did, when I came to visit a friend in Florida, I remember sitting on the plane and as I looked out of the window I suddenly saw the same image I saw in my dream, it was like if God was saying "look, this is were I am sending you." and wow I couldn't believe it.  When I came back home (Michigan) I had a great urgency to move to Florida.  Fast forward to 2017 God has not only provided everything I needed, he also put me in a beautiful home with a great neighbor that has blessed me, to an awesome church family that God has allowed for me to call family and where I am being used to lead worship, to seeing how God allowed me to become a foster parent and also seeing how God has not only brought me to Florida but also my brother and his family to serve and minister in the same church.  

You see how God works, he is so amazing!  You ask and he provides!  Now back to this ministry, :) in March of this year I again was asking God for direction, again I questioned why I'm I here and as I sat their I felt his presence an amazing feeling of Joy, I mean it was so wonderful that I felt butterfly's and I couldn't stop smiling, Kinda like when you fall in love, but a lot better.  Then he reminded me of the vision for this ministry and then he placed that same urgency in my spirit that it is time to prepare.  Now it has taken me a few months to plan and define the vision, and through the process I can now say that I am ready.  So as this vision continues to develop I ask for your support in prayer.  It is time he said, and I am ready! Are you ready?


Lupita Rodriguez

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